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The Hercules And The Visit From Zeus

4. Capture the Erymanthian Boar. Eurystheus ordered Hercules to bring him the wild boar from the mountain of Erymanthos. Hercules visited his friend and centaur, Pholos. The two ate and drank wine, which attracted other centaurs to the cave. Hercules killed the centaurs with his arrows, which would, unfortunately, be the downfall of Pholos. Pholos picked up an arrow and questioned how it was so lethal when he inadvertently dropped the poisoned arrow on his foot and killed himself. Hercules discovered Pholos, buried him, and began hunting the boar. Hercules was able to drive the fearful boar into snow where he captured the boar in a net and brought the boar to Eurystheus.

The Hercules And The Visit From Zeus

6. Defeat the Stymphalian Birds. A huge flock of birds was gathered at the town of Stymphalos, so Eurystheus ordered Hercules to drive the birds away. The birds were fierce man-eaters, so Hercules had to determine how to safely remove the birds from the town. Athena visited Hercules and gave him a noise-making clapper to help him scare the birds away. As the birds flew, Hercules shot them with his bow and arrow, while the remainder flew away from the town.

The next morning, he visited Medusa in the Atlantis palace. He opened the container and suddenly, Medusa fell in love with him. They agreed to go out together and enjoy the citylife. She even stole food from the palace in order for them to enjoy a lovely meal. However, Hercules suddenly found Medusa very ill, and he was forced to put on his bed as she began to grow rashes and swelling across her face. and body. He knew that this was the work of the witch and decided to return to Circe after telling Jason and Pythagoras about his mistake.


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