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The School Teacher 1975 Movie Download

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the school teacher 1975 movie download

L'insegnante (internationally released as The School Teacher and Sexy Schoolteacher) is a 1975 commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Nando Cicero. The film had a great commercial success[1][2] and generated an "Insegnante" film series, that consists of six titles, three of them starred by Edwige Fenech in the main role.[1] L'insegnante represents the first major role for Alvaro Vitali, who in a short time would become a star of the genre.[1] Fenech reprises the name of Giovanna from her previous box-office hit Giovannona Long-Thigh.[1] The film was followed by The Schoolteacher Goes to Boys' High.

A trio of naive, but eager young Midwestern women go to California to teach summer school classes at Regency High School. Perky, willful Candice ("Hollywood Boulevard," "Chatterbox!") Rialson starts up and coaches an all-female football team; she also becomes romantically involved with gawky, but amicable fellow student teacher Christopher Barrett. Stuffy Bible banging chemistry teacher Pat ("T.N.T. Jackson") Anderson manages to loosen up after she falls hard for surly juvenile delinquent Will Carney. Pert, liberated photography instructor Rhonda Leigh ("Cover Girl Models") Hopkins has sex with both a two-faced male chauvinist jerk and a more decent, understanding guy.This thoroughly inane, amiable, episodic and animated New World Pictures comedic teen sexploitation item sizes up as a hugely enjoyable outing: writer/director Barbara ("Humanoids from the Deep") Peeters keeps the pace quite zippy and the tone suitably lighthearted throughout, the ceaseless barrage of jokes about breasts, buttocks, fat guys, uptight high school authority figures, sex (of course), dirty little old lady peeping toms, dorky middle-aged dudes on the make, and gross macho bozos are very crude, but still pretty funny, the expected romantic interludes are surprisingly tasteful and erotic, the Los Angeles strip club footage is authentically tacky, the sappy bleeding heart "let's give the kids a chance" posturing never becomes too icky-cute, the feminist subtext is slight, yet sincere, there's a reasonably decent automobile chase and a nice subplot about a stolen car ring, and the climactic women only football game manages to be really amusing, if nothing too spectacular. Moreover, the always dependable Dick Miller cuts loose with a riotously hammy performance as a crooked, sexist, vulgar macho swine football coach, the three female leads are sexy, lively and appealing, Eric ("The Hills Have Eyes") Saarinen's handsome, agile cinematography provides lots of lovely, gorgeously lit visuals, and J.J. Jackson's bouncy, ebullient score will plant a mile-wide smile on your face that you won't take off for a week. Now, what more could you possibly want from a blissfully insubstantial, but infectiously effervescent and entertaining goofball time-waster?

SUMMER SCHOOL TEACHERS is one of a mini-wave of teaching-themed exploitation flicks that Roger Corman produced in the early 1970s. This has a trio of feminists taking up positions as summer school teachers and dealing with various low life characters, misogynists, and general sexist behaviour. Of course, all of this is merely a cover for a bunch of old-fashioned nudity and sex scenes which are inserted into the script with a wearying regularity. The film is openly low budget and the acting is of that mannered variety that makes it difficult to take seriously, although it makes some decent points at times. Good old Dick Miller is around to prop up the scenery, as per usual.

Roger Corman's wife Julie produces a movie in which a bunch of good-looking babes from Iowa go to California to be teachers, and a bunch of silly things happen. "Summer School Teachers" definitely comes across as a movie made to appeal to the women's liberation movement. Mostly it's all titillation. My favorite part was the scene where the old women are listening to one of the teachers converse with a man, misinterpreting the entire conversation. Whatever the movie's main intention was, it comes out as nice brainless fun, and the final scene affirms that the 1950s mores are LONG gone! The fun lives forever! PS: Dick Miller (the sexist PE teacher) frequently appeared in Roger Corman's movies, and more recently appears a lot in Joe Dante's movies.

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