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Kung Fu Karate Fighting Games: The Ultimate Test of Skill and Strength

Play the best kung-fu games for free. We have collected 9 popular kung-fu games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top kung-fu games such as Superhero Fight, Kung Fu Fury, Samurai Fighter, Kung Fu Fighting and Kung Fu Fight : Beat 'em up. Choose a kung-fu game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

While not a hardcore fighting game by any means, Shaolin Vs Wutang is arguably one of the best ways to live out your golden age kung-fu movie dreams. This whole thing is just a warm blanket of genre goodness.

kung fu karate fighting games

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Kung Fu Chaos is a 3D fighting party game developed by Just Add Monsters and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox in 2003. Described as a "multiplayer brawler",[1] the game is a comedic beat 'em up title with a stylistic presentation inspired by kung fu films. Kung Fu Chaos was the first title developed by Ninja Theory, a Cambridge studio formed by former staff of Millennium Interactive to pursue an independent project. Initial development was self-funded, with a prototype developed by a team of four to eight and pitched to publishers. The final version of the game was financed under an acquisition of the studio by Argonaut Games and a publishing deal with Microsoft Game Studios.

Kung Fu Chaos is a fighting game that takes place within the shooting of a fictional film of the same name, with the director Shao Ting acting as narrator and guide to the gameplay. In line with this theme, the game's stages reflect various scenes of the film being shot. Gameplay features several modes, including 'Ninja Challenge', a campaign mode with a progression of unlockable scenes consisting of 'Main Feature' levels and various minigames. 'Main Feature' scenes require players to fight and survive levels within a time limit. Players progress and unlock further scenes if the players beat bosses in the time allotted and receive sufficient stars on the 'Star Meter', which gradually increases as the player defeats enemies in the level. Other modes in the game include 'Battle Game', allowing for local multiplayer play of an unlocked level selected by the player, 'Championship' and 'Miniseries', a series of random levels chosen by the computer, 'Freestyle', an arena-style fight in a single area, and 'Rehearsal', a practice mode.[2]

Similar to other fighting games, combat mechanics in Kung Fu Chaos require the player to use a mixture of combos on the controller to perform different attacks, including fast and heavy attacks, tripping opponents, picking up and throwing items, jumping and jump kicking, and spin attacks. Players can also use blocks and counters to defend against enemy attacks. The game features a taunt system in which players gain power-ups when taunting after defeating an enemy. During a taunt, a player is momentarily vulnerable, allowing enemies or other players to interrupt them, or steal a taunt on the other player's taunt meter. Once three taunts have been successfully performed, the player can perform a Super Attack that cannot be defended against by enemies.[2]

Kung Fu Chaos was the debut game of Just Add Monsters, an independent Cambridge based games studio founded in 2000. The studio was founded by three former members of Cambridge studio Millennium Interactive, Tameem Antoniades, Nina Kristensen, and Mike Ball, who departed the studio following its acquisition by Sony Computer Entertainment in 1997. Antoniades made the decision to leave Millennium Interactive and form an independent studio after Sony rejected a pitch for a proposed title named Moon Warrior, a kung-fu fighting game inspired by Once Upon a Time in China.[3]

Following the cancelled development of Kung Fu Story, Just Add Monsters began development of a new game to market to publishers,[37] with the game designed to capitalise on the launch of the next generation of consoles.[5] Development of the title had been underway from November 2003.[38] Following the collapse of its parent company Argonaut Games in 2004, former CEO Jez San acquired Just Add Monsters and rebranded the company to the title Ninja Theory.[39] In September 2004, the title was announced as Heavenly Sword, a "next-generation" fighting game with a more serious and realistic design.[5] Antoniades stated that Kung Fu Story concept "evolved into" Heavenly Sword,[1] with the game heavily influenced by the development of Kung Fu Chaos, stating the game "would never have been possible without the experience we gained from making (it)", citing the lessons of learning "how to make combat work in a third-person game with multiple enemies" and develop fighting games with "object interaction".[40] Heavenly Sword was released by Ninja Theory in September 2007.

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Martial Arts is one of the most popular themes that inspire the creation of fighting games, and we see it all the time. Because of this, there are so many that it can be hard to tell which ones you'd like the best.

Much of the combat focus on your surroundings, where the spectators will usually shove the opponent back into the arena if you throw them out or even hold them for you to get a free beatdown. Like most fighting games, you can use the items in your environment to bash your opponent as well. It's a classic that many cite as one of the best fighting games of all time.

Toribash is something for the hardcore veteran beat-em-up game player who never seems challenged anymore by your standard martial arts title. Inspired by ragdoll physics, this fighting game is one that's fairly difficult to learn and requires a lot of time to master. Not to mention it's turn-based as opposed to the usual free-for-all you see in fighting games. However, once you find your fighting style niche in the game and stick to it, it becomes a lot easier to manage.

Jade Empire is an optimal starter choice for players who have little experience with fighting combat games but are interested in trying it. The simplicity of the combat gameplay dances in perfect sync with the amazing action details in the fights. Besides that, the lore content isn't so niche enough that it won't interest somebody outside the action film fan community.

The beat-em-up gameplay has a style where Kenshiro beats people by hitting their pressure points and making them explode from the inside out. You can choose if you want the gore to be mild or extreme but it's still pretty intense either way. If you like martial arts-style games where it's not just all fighting, this is a good choice because it has other elements, like racing and exploring the city that is your main hub. It's a must-have if you like over-the-top gameplay.

This game popularized the style of fighting multiple opponents at once and exploring open-world cities. In the port city of Yokosuka, you can do things like chitchat with the townspeople, play arcade games or just pick a refreshment from a vending machine. The games are all tied together by the same mystery, so it's best to play them in chronological order if possible.

A kung fu karate academy boss sets up a karate fighting game tournament. Many unbeatable karate fighters were trained by him. You want to cultivate your martial arts fighting games strength and win this karate kung fu fight. To win the title of karate king, you have to face the strongest and clever karate fighters skilled in different fighting styles like taekwondo, muay thai and kick boxing games.

Enter the world of karate kung fu fighting games, and seize it all. Be the greatest martial arts fighter by winning karate king fighting game. Master your fighting skills in dragon fight and become the legend of karate warriors. Defeating the boss in karate king kung fu fight is not enough. You have to stop dragons from destroying the city. Make a martial arts fighters' clan and save the city from the wrath of the dragons & rebel fighters.

Accept karate fighting games challenges and defeat them. During martial arts fighting games, you know the killer face of the boss. But what happened when the boss himself challenged you. Fight with him and reveal all his dark secrets in karate king kung fu fighting games.

Accept the karate fight challenges of wild opponents and beat them up one by one. Train your kung fu fighter hard so that he progresses from a simple fighter to a karate king. In VS mode of karate boxing games, fight against other kung fu fighters and give them tough competition. In kung fu fighting games, this mode offers the chance to fight with other players.

Knockout your rivals with a single kung fu boxing games move and win karate fighting games. Use special martial arts moves to avoid your competitors' attacks and fight back with your extreme combo hits.

These new challenging modes allow players to test their karate fighting games skills through complex challenges and provide more ways to experience the incredible kung fu fights. Be the greatest karate punch boxing fighter by winning the battle against powerful kung fu fighters and boxing heroes in boxing games.

Choose unforgettable characters from the roster of karate fighters with unique capabilities and ultimate kung fu fighting moves. Make a powerful, versatile, and unbeatable team to wreck your enemies. Train your fighter and develop his boxing games skills. You can customize their power, health, and speed for a better win.

Clear daily missions of kung fu fight and claim different rewards in martial arts fighting games. Prepare your character for an epic karate fight and earn special rewards. Level after level, you will face more difficult enemies. Test your boxing game skills by accepting tough martial arts challenges.

Karate King Kung Fu Fight is one of the action-packed karate fighting games. This kung fu fighting game provides you the nail-biting experience of kick boxing games in different arenas. It gives you an amazing opportunity to equip yourself with fantastic boxing games moves and dozens of martial arts techniques.


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