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Tank Heroes: The Most Realistic Tank Game Ever

Tank is a class of Hero in Heroes of the Storm. Tanks are designed by their role of wading into combat, absorbing attacks from enemy heroes and blocking their retreat. There are currently 13 Tank heroes.

tank heroes

Overwatch is here, and it introduces new game modes, heroes, cosmetics, and some fresh balancing changes. The switch also brings big changes to the Overwatch 2 tanks, perhaps more than any other class in the game. That's why we've created an Overwatch 2 tank tier list--and you can bet we'll update it as time goes on and the meta shifts. While some players will be sad to hear that the original game is now offline and unplayable, it does mean that it got some much-needed changes and updates. One of the biggest changes from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 is that switch from a 6v6 to a 5v5, with each team dropping from two tanks down to one.

While there aren't any bad tank picks in Overwatch 2, Doomfist suffers from his origins as a DPS hero and the new single tank meta. With the new 5v5 structure, tanks need to be able to absorb a ton of damage without going down, but also be able to disrupt the enemy team as well. Doomfist is good at disrupting enemies, using his abilities to quickly get into the fight and knock enemies around. His Power Block ability allows him to suck up a bit of damage and gain some shields, adding to his usefulness as a tank.

D.VA is the other tank that suffers from the switch to 5v5, although not as much as Doomfist. Her ability to mitigate damage is fairly limited, since it's only based on her defense matrix, which doesn't last too long. Other than that ability, your prime method of mitigating damage for your deal is by just actually tanking it. Which is fine, but the other tank characters either have better mitigation abilities or abilities that make them more sustainable.

Wrecking Ball has a similar playstyle to Doomfist, thriving on his ability to disrupt the enemy team while also tanking damage. Wrecking Ball just does this better than Doomfist, with a better kit that makes him work better as a disruptor and a tank. First, his survivability is much better, having a higher health pool and two ways to gain overhealth by using his Adaptive Shield. He also can deal a large amount of damage by swinging into enemies with his grappling hook and shooting with his machine guns.

Sigma is a quality tank pick, who's only real downfall is that there are other tanks that do what he does, but better. Equipped with a shield that can be thrown out, its small health pool of 700 damage means that it will get shredded quickly, but it has a relatively short cooldown. Sigma also has his kinetic grasp which allows him to absorb damage for a few seconds and gain overhealth based on how much damage he absorbs. His rock throw ability can disrupt enemy players. It no longer stuns but it does knock enemies down, limiting their movement temporarily.

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Zarya has always been a more offense focused-tank and that remains true in Overwatch 2, although her kit has been given some flexibility. Zarya has the ability to either give herself a bubble shield or a teammate. Zarya holds two charges of this at a time, with the ability to either give both to teammates or keep both for herself. These bubbles absorb damage and increase her power charge, which increases the amount of damage her gun deals.

Junker Queen, a new addition to the roster for Overwatch 2, is one of the best tank options for players who like to be aggressive. Her health pool is on the lower end for a tank, but she has multiple abilities that cause the wound status effect, which deals damage to enemies and makes them unable to heal, but also provides health back to Junker Queen. The wounds are a big deal, since not being able to heal makes enemies an easy target and there aren't many heroes in the game that can get rid of it at the moment.

Roadhog is one of the Tanks that seems to have benefited from the switch to 5v5 the most. While considered an off-tank previously, a bump to his health pool has made him quite difficult to deal with. While his mitigation stat won't be very high, since the only time he mitigates damage is while he is healing, he can take a beating before going down. Add in the personal heal that fills up about half his health and is on a relatively short cooldown and Roadhog becomes borderline unstoppable.

Reinhardt was a staple pick in the original Overwatch, with one of the two tank slots almost always going to him. In Overwatch 2, the original shield tank is as great as ever, due to his unmatched ability to mitigate damage. His shield health of 1200 is very high and it regenerates relatively quickly when put away. It's wide too, so he can cover most of his team or the objective he is trying to hold.

Because of the success of the first entry of the hero shooter, the sequel was bound to happen. Due to the success of Overwatch, after its release date announcement, Overwatch 2 became one of the most popular games for players to look forward to for the fall of 2022. Since Overwatch 2 is a hero shooter, players must pick roles to help the team. One of the roles that players can pick is a tank, which can take tons of damage, defend a point or the team, and can help to escort things easier. However, not all tanks are the same, and some have a steeper learning curve. This list will help players figure out the best tanks in Overwatch 2.

Probably one of the more popular tanks because of how versatile she can be, especially for a tank that can attack. With an ultimate that can change the course of the game in a second, D.Va is one of the better tanks in Overwatch 2. The reason being is that she's great at adding pressure on a point if the team is attacking, and if the team is on defense, then D.Va can hold down a point. This way she can be used on both sides of the match, which makes her a very diverse tank, and one that's pretty easy to learn.

Even though some complaints about Overwatch 2 are about how the new 5v5 doesn't make things easier for newer players, and how tanks don't fit well in this system, Reinhardt still stays consistent in this area. Since Overwatch 2 has fewer tanks with shields, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, Reinhardt still stays true in this regard. Because players who mastered him in the first game will have an easier time in Overwatch 2.

A lot of his abilities are the same. He can put out a shield, charge at enemies, and stun a team with his hammer. However, the difference is that his abilities come back faster, allowing him to be more devastating and annoying for the enemy team. Even though he's the same in Overwatch 2,his playstyle works well with the newer meta of the second game and can complement other heroes like Ana. Players will still rely on his shield, which gives them a familiar feeling. On top of that, he's a very easy hero to learn, so new players can dominate easily, in turn making Overwatch 2 easier to play.

She's a great tank for keeping heroes alive a lot longer, and helps bunch up enemies, making them easier to take down. Zarya's abilities are primarily centered around shielding herself and another player, which comes in handy during those high-tension moments. When Zarya puts on a shield, she becomes harder to take down, forcing the enemy team to focus on her more than the rest of the team. Plus, being a tank, she's a threat.

This tank has been changed quite a bit in Overwatch 2. In the first game, Orisa had a shield and was more focused on playing defense and being a fortress, which made her one of the best tanks in Overwatch at the time. However, in the second entry, players will notice that she's been overhauled quite a bit. She's no longer team-focused, but rather a tank that's great on the attack. This still makes her a problem for the enemy team, because of her high damage, and high health, which may make some players think she should be a DPS hero.

A very dynamic tank, a hero that can run a point all alone, but, being with a team is an added benefit. Roadhog is great for close quarters, and when matches get really heated, he can take on a lot of damage, and then negate that by self-healing. Out of all the tanks featured in Overwatch 2, he's probably the more versatile one, which puts him slightly above D.Va based on his abilities. His chain can pull enemies closer to him, or the rest of the team, making the enemy easier to corner.

The easiest way to know who is what type is to go to your character screen and arrange them by role this will group all the tanks together and tell you what group they are in so you know for your challenge. You can also do this when selecting a team, the groups will always been ordered the same way I put them (tanks, damage, support, control).

The tank is arguably one of the best and most important positions in Overwatch 2. As the DPS heroes are sending bullets flying, the tank is commonly the one that is blocking incoming fire. It can be a demanding role in Overwatch 2, but if done correctly, your team will likely succeed. Here are the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2, so you can keep getting those W's.

Orisa's ultimate Terra Surge is also a scary move as it fortifies her body and increases damage around her team. She then slams down the attack to the ground for some devastating AoE damage. Orisa is probably the best tank in the team right now as she can protect her allies proficiently and can cause good damage overall. Tracer with her low 150 HP has no chance.

Last up is D.Va, the best all-around tank in Overwatch 2. She has high manoeuvrability with the ability to fly anywhere on the map. She can take out snipers like Widowmaker and Ashe from the back due to how fast she moves, in addition to protecting fellow players with her Defense Matrix ability. She can deal out a decent amount of damage, especially in close range, with her Fusion Cannons and with the power of her chargers, she can push people out of the way. Her ultimate is also one of the most deadly in Overwatch 2.


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