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Owen Martinez
Owen Martinez

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Playboi Carti: Playboi Carti (AWGE/Interscope) If Migosare the Beatles, this diamond-collecting pretty boy crosses theRaspberries and the Archies. A pimp-identified Blood or vice versawhose idea of social consciousness is not to drink lean and drive andwhose idea of a thrill is meeting Raf Simons (look it up, I had to),he is definitely, like they type, FUN. His playful flow careless ofconsonants, Carti makes exactly as much as he should of spare beatsthat ease from the faux flute of "dothatshit!" to the fauxrhinoceros-huff of "Lame Niggaz." Nahmean? A MINUS

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Mary Gauthier: Rifles and Rosary Beads (In the Black)The gritty recovering alcoholic wrote these 11 grave, felt, angry,deliberate songs with service members, veterans, and spouses via aNashville project called SongwritingWith:Soldiers. But examine thelist of collaborators and see why it had better be "members," not"men"--five of the eight soldiers and all of the spouses are women, sothat women alone write seven tracks. There's "Brothers": "I was justlike you when the bullets flew / I had your back you had mine too /Brothers in arms your sisters covered you / Don't that make us yourbrothers too?" There's also "Iraq," in which a mechanic with greaseunder her nails finds herself compelled to fend off male soldiers whoare supposed to be on her side. On the other hand, one of the menwrites "It's Her Love" for his wife: "When I'm broken and I push heraway / She fights her way back she's with me to stay." But mostlywhat's stressed is respect for common service--documenting battle'sbrutal grind, celebrating the survivals it's been all of thecowriters' lifework to fight for one way or another, citing the manykinds of injury the combatants came home with, remembering their deadas guardian angels. Without moralizing more than a crack, all of thesewriters honor shared struggle without papering over how hard that canbe: "They say no man's left behind but that ain't true / They hate itthat they need us but they do." The record flinches sometime--wouldn'tyou? But it refuses to break. A MINUS

Stakeholders are now looking to CROs and the systems they manage to lead the organization by mitigating risks through the coming months. Organizations that can crack the code of regaining trust among their stakeholders will quickly adapt to the new normal they face.


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