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TeamViewer 11 (Full License Key) |VERIFIED|

Hi Support I am in a new position, in Aquaporin, and can see that we just have payed an invoice from Teamviewer, but I am not able to find license key on the invoice or in the documentation, and therefore I need the license key.

TeamViewer 11 (Full license key)

this is ridiculous its 2019 and i have to call teamviewer for everything. what stinks is the product is user freindly but support **bleep** so bad i will never buy this product again or recommend. unreal

I am also looking for a license number.We have multiple licenses and receive multiple invoices. On every invoice there is a (long, with letters) license number but this does not correspond with the (somewhat shorter, only numbers) license numbers on the original invoices.

Our colleagues from our dedicated department can resend you the invoice. If you send me your email address (the one used when purchasing the license) in a PRIVATE message, I can forward it internally.

Core to the earlier announced deprecation of legacy versions 8-10 is our commitment to always ensure the best possible security for the connectivity solutions our users trust in (see the announcement for TeamViewer 8 here and for 9 and 10 here). While we understand that software updates for remote machinery can be burdensome in certain scenarios, we will always prioritize security over convenience in alignment with industry best-practices. Therefore, we will follow through with the announced discontinuation of server support for TeamViewer 8-10 licenses on September 15th, 2021. See this comment.

However, based on your valued feedback here in the TeamViewer Community and irrespective of differing legal contexts for the license cohorts, we decided to adjust our approach as follows given the current stress situation worldwide: All TeamViewer 8-10 licenses will get complimentary TeamViewer 15 access corresponding to 10 years of server service from purchase year.

The same applies to TeamViewer 5-7 licenses that have been migrated to TeamViewer 9 previously. For TeamViewer 5 licenses, the 10-year period would have expired on December 31, 2020, but we decided to prolong it to September 15, 2021.

Working in the software business i understand why teamviewer does not want to continue supporting older versions.. Having also purchased perpetual licenses in my case 4 more years does not really = perpetual...

The correct way for teamviewer would be to provide the old server software to the community, and we could then setup servers that still handle the older versions... No ongoing costs for teamviewer and we can still use our perpetual licenses per the purchase terms..

We should be able to choose, use a community server platform or upgrde to a newer license... I would suggest that if you dont want to lose many customers you make the upgrade option a longer duration even some of the newer features we dont need require an additional fee.

Thank you for your feedback. As our announcement stated, the complimentary access to TeamViewer 15 will be added automatically to all applicable licenses on January 19, 2021. That is, the complimentary TeamViewer 15 access for legacy versions will be activated automatically in the backend on January 19, 2021. The only action needed from your side is updating the client to a newer TeamViewer version after that date and before June 2021. We'll share some updates to address users' questions and concerns soon in the thread you mentioned above soon. Please kindly refer to it for more information.

I'm really struggling to get my head around Esther's post. i'm on v12 Biz premium. Am I right in thinking I can go to v15 for free, retaining all the features I currently have and none of the currently imposed restrictions on the equivalent subscription plan such as limited connections / limited hosts and still be on a perpetual license until year x?

On Dec 21st I received a notice from [email protected] that stated in part: "On January 19, 2021, your Teamviewer 9 license will be upgraded to Teamviewer 11." It then goes on to offer the complimentary trail of TV15. I have not seen any additional info from this notice, nor has my license been upgraded as stated in notice? Like others on this list - we have been a long time user with TV under the perpetual license agreement and during the past years we have help expand the TV base by promoting the product. Bottom line - is the upgrade to TV 11's perpetual license factual or a myth and the only path forward is to move to TV15 under a perpetual annual fee or move all of our long standing existing clients to another platform?

I've been using TeamViewer 8 with a perpetual license and was told through an email that the TV8 will be discontinued and will automatically be upgraded to TV13. However as of Jan 19, 2021, It looks like my license has been automatically upgraded to TV15 without me opting for it. Your new announcement doesn't state anything about what'll happen to my license after year 2023 and I need a clarification on my options as a customer who have bought the perpetual license. Please state clearly:

2. Please clarify what'll happen to the customers with a perpetual license after Dec, 31, 2023 when your "complimentary" period ends. Did I just lost my perpetual license that I've invested to access & remote control PCs through the internet? (Teamviewer has never promoted itself for being a tool for the LAN environment, I believe all of us have bought the product for its use through internet.)

@tez @kteague @kdla The complimentary licenses for TeamViewer 15 will expire automatically- meaning that you wont go into an auto-renewal. After the expiration, you can still use your license for LAN connections within the older versions. Please keep in mind that we will not provide download links after the shut down from our servers.

If you have been offered a version 11, 12, or 13, you can also use the complimentary TeamViewer 15 license as our management decided to give all affected users access to TeamViewer 15. Once expired, you can still use your license for LAN connections within the older versions.

So basically at some point in the future our perpetual licenses will be no longer valid outside of a LAN and will be forced onto subscription. So really this is the start of a mopping up exercise to ensure 100% of corporate users are on subscription within the next 5 years.

I'm going to ask in clearer terms here because it feels like you are avoiding a very important subject. I have spent a lot of hard-earned dollars on the TeamViewer PERPETUAL license. When I bought this PERPETUAL license it was understood and confirmed by your reps at the time that this meant PERPETUAL unless TeamViewer went out of business, of course. I agreed and decided to use my hard-earned cash to buy your software instead of going with all the emerging competitors you have.

This very much says that my license, which is PERPETUAL, will be upgraded to TeamViewer 13 and that IF I WANTED, I could try out Teamviewer 15. I'm not interested in TeamViewer 15 or any version which will void my PERPETUAL license at some later time.

Now, you say you had to retire the old version for security reasons, fine that's your prerogative. What you can't do is then go on to say "Hey we're ending these versions that you paid a PERPETUAL license for security reasons" and then conveniently forcing us to go on a subscription service so you can extract more money out of people that paid for a PERPETUAL license.

As the email you sent us stated, the right way to go about this is upgrading our license to whatever is the lowest supported version of TeamViewer and making that one our PERPETUAL license.

With all that said, what we ALL need to hear from you is, how do we continue with our PERPETUAL license? We're not interested in a subscription and you can't deny us the PERPETUITY that TeamViewer agreed to and we PAID for. Unless you go out of business.

@all - Meanwhile all licenses have been updated in the backend to a license valid for TeamViewer 15.This license will expire automatically based on the license you purchased before. See the table in my initial post above. E.g. a license based on a former TeamViewer 10 expires in 2025

We did not ask for nor do we want to upgrade a Perpetual License for a subscription license. Nor like others, using TV on a local LAN was never a consideration when purchased, it was the Perpetual license that made your product attractive.

I never got an answer to my question. How can I use my version 10 license on version 15? When updating automatically, I get the Free license type. I tried to contact the sales department, they said that they did not know about this possibility at all. Here Natasha promised to help, but did not even read my messages in the personal account. You no longer have a support service. And what to do? Is our cooperation over?

TeamViewer Host is used for 24/7 access to remote computers, which makes it an ideal solution for uses such as remote monitoring, server maintenance, or connecting to a PC or Mac in the office or at home. Install TeamViewer Host on an unlimited number of computers and devices. As a licensed user, you have access to them all!

Private users who use TeamViewer for non-commercial purposes may use the software free of charge.[38][39] Fees must be paid for the commercial use of the software. Companies and other commercial customers must sign up for a subscription. A one-time purchase of the application is no longer possible since the switch from a license to a subscription model.[40] The prices for using the software are scaled according to the number of users as well as the number of concurrent sessions.[38] Updates are released monthly and are included for all users.

I'm now in the process of moving everything from the old PC to the new one. TeamViewer is in the list of Must-have programs that are related to my job. I don't want to pay for another license for activating TeamViewer. Therefore, is there a way that can help me move the licensed TeamViewer with other useful programs to my new PC?"


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