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Far Cry 3 Trainer PATCHED

We envision a future where Trainers can support training courses in a wide range of settings, from community colleges to farming operations, regulatory bodies, and other training environments in order to meet the wide variety of training needs.

far cry 3 trainer

As we continue to develop the Trainer, we plan to use the real-time feedback from the platform to improve the training experience. We would also like to continue to reach into the training industry and other stakeholders in order to make sure that the goal of the trainer - to better the training experience - is realized.

Trainer is a dual-licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0 and the Apache 2.0 license. This collaborative effort is led by the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Criminal Justice Center, along with law enforcement stakeholders from Arkansas.

We plan to continue to expand the team of researchers and support necessary for growing the Trainer and will be working to gather feedback from stakeholders in order to determine how to best align our continued work to meet the goals of the coalition.

It would be highly beneficial for the Trainer to be part of a larger innovation community - including other studies, such as the AR-Scan (Arkansas-Scan, and the TrueTrac study ( to gather feedback and expand on our research. In addition, the Trainer has potential application in other policing fields beyond officer training and we encourage other stakeholders to communicate with us about opportunities to build upon the Trainer or expand its use to meet other needs.


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