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Best Old Trucks To Buy

Ben is a lifelong enthusiast of anything with wheels. He has been contributing to Popular Mechanics for nearly 20 years and lives in Venice with an eclectic collection of vintage pickup trucks, muscle cars, and motorcycles scattered in various garages around SoCal.

best old trucks to buy

Toyota started offering four-wheel drive in its pickup in 1979. These trucks also have solid front and rear axles that are fantastic off-road, and one of three four-cylinder engine options (plus a fourth sold only in Japan). Early engines are carbureted, and later ones use fuel injection. These trucks are incredibly easy and inexpensive to repair and modify. The front and rear differentials are even interchangeable, so finding replacements is twice as easy.

Ford F-Series pickups have been the best-selling trucks in the country since 1977. If you take care of them, these long-lasting trucks can run for decades, reaching 200,000 miles or more. Models 25+ years old are sturdy enough to be your daily driver, unlike other classic cars you can buy but only drive occasionally. Readily available parts make it easy to turn one of these classic pickups into a hot rod.

The 1981-1993 Dodge D-Series was the first-generation Dodge Ram. Known for being tough and dependable, the D/W series of trucks got a makeover in 1981. The newer models included features we take for granted today, such as better seat belts, FM radio, and cruise control. They also featured more power and better electrical systems. These reliable class trucks saw a sharp uptick in value in 2021, increasing 78% from $13,100 to $23,289.

Old trucks have plenty of strong points. You may have heard this statement many times, but it is true that as far as durability goes, older trucks were built differently. The design of their suspension, immensely simple engines, and fewer electronics mean that old trucks can keep on going forever. Also, if you are up for it, an old truck can be easily fixed or maintained at home. Working on them requires basic tools and no specialty equipment like diagnostic equipment. Aside from the mechanical aspect, older trucks can also be more fun to drive. Their huge windows and spacious cabins make for a different driving experience that can only be found in older vehicles. If you are a lover of cars, you may also appreciate the attention an old truck can attract and even the conversations and friendships it can lead to. When parking up somewhere in a cool vehicle, you are very likely to meet like-minded people who just love to hang around and chat about these vehicles. So, aside from a mode of transport, an older truck may also lead to friendships. Lastly, an old truck can turn into a passion. If you ask people who own and love these vehicles whether they would change them or not, they will, in most cases, reply with a definite no. There is something about these vehicles that makes their owners fall in love with them. Just driving them around is a joy and an event you look forward to. They can even make the Monday commute exciting.

Which are the best old trucks to buy, you may ask. Well, there are quite of few. If you want something comfortable, capable, and reliable, we would suggest having a look at the Land Cruiser line-up and specifically the 80 and 100 series models. The 80 is more rugged and capable off-road; however, it is less powerful and refined when it comes to on-road driving. Since the 100 series is newer, it is a bit safer, but it lacks the character of the older 80 series. If you want something a bit more classic but less convenient, you can even go for an old Land Rover. From the Land Rover line-up, we would choose a Discovery 1 or 2. Both are vehicles that are comfortable and relatively reliable. In the case of the V8 engines, there are a few known issues that may need to be addressed to make them fully reliable. However, the diesel variants are dependable vehicles. Finally, we have plenty of options that come from the US, like the XJ or WJ Cherokee and old Ford, Dodge, or Chevy trucks. Even a TJ Wrangler can be a choice if you really love tough trails. There are plenty of options out there depending on how much comfort, space, and capabilities you happen to need.

Not to be confused with the new 7.3-liter Godzilla engine, the 7.3-liter Powerstroke engine was introduced for 1994 heavy-duty trucks in the Ford F-Series lineup and was available until 2003. Firstly, the Powerstroke is a diesel engine, and much like the Cummins diesel in the Ram, its appeal comes from its simplicity. Anyone who works on the Powerstroke will find that fewer moving parts means less repair and maintenance, and its iron block and head can withstand the pressure of serious hard work. This was an engine built for agricultural machines, and its capability is incredible for off-roading or towing to extreme measures. As diesel engines go, this is one of the most reliable ever designed. Expect to pile on the miles and keep on going well beyond the 200,000 mark on the odometer.

The Dodge Ram 1500 underwent many changes in 2013. A redesigned front fascia with projector beam headlights, updated infotainment systems, and new engine and transmission offerings helped transform the Ram 1500 into one of the hottest and most desirable full-size trucks in the industry.

The Ford F-150 is known for its reliability and toughness and has been the best-selling truck in the United States for over 40 years. The 2015 F-150 underwent a revolutionary redesign in 2015 that set a new benchmark in the industry.

The Tacoma received the Highest Dependability Rating from JD Power in 2011 among midsize trucks. This award measures the reliability based on the responses from more than 80,000 verified owners of three-year old vehicles annually.

You can't go too far back in terms of age if you want to find an F-150 that can make this list. Nevertheless, it is possible with the 2015 model that comes with the smaller Ecoboost engine. The impressive thing is it still makes more than 300 horsepower while managing the low cost and decent mpg. F-150s have been known to be the best trucks on the market, so for some consumers, the decision has already been made for them.

BestRide can certainly help you find a used truck, but how do you find the most reliable? We got in touch with our friends at and combed their data for used trucks that offer remarkable reliability.

Collectors have the same selection to make in 2019, and pricing largely depends on the configuration. Bare-bones trucks start at under $2000 (about 1600) while the rare, desirable 454 SS model with a 230bhp engine and a three-speed automatic starts at around $15,000 (about 12,000).

For a quick, easy-to-remember rule of thumb, remember that the lower the mileage, the better. For used trucks with gas engines, try to keep the mileage under 100,000 miles. Used trucks with a diesel engine can go a good deal further since diesel engines are easier to maintain than gasoline. 200,000 miles in a diesel engine is about the same wear and tear as 100,000 is for gas.

Classic Industries offers a wide range of 1947-2008 Chevrolet/GMC Truck parts. We have an expansive inventory for Chevrolet and GMC C10 / K10, C20 / K20, and C30 / K30 models, including Silverado/Sierra, Blazer/Jimmy, Tahoe/Yukon, and Suburban models. Whether it's Chevy C10 parts, C20, Suburban, or GMC K5 Blazer parts, Classic Industries has what you need to restore your truck to showroom condition. For over 20 years, Classic Industries has been offering restoration products for Chevrolet and GMC Truck models. We've expanded to provide a full selection of parts and products for the Chevrolet and GMC family of trucks, starting with 1947 models and spanning all the way through 2008 models. Our expansive inventory includes just about everything needed to return your Truck to showroom condition inside and out.

But, what about used trucks? This debate applies to them as well. While there are upsides and downsides to buying a used truck, I can tell you three reasons why buying a used truck is better than buying a new one.

But a used, older F-150? Those were made of steel. Granted, not all trucks have this issue. New Silverados and Rams are still made mostly from steel. But, some argue that the older designed models are still more durable.

Classic trucks are defined differently depending on who you ask, but anything over 30 years old typically qualifies. This guide includes nine of the best classic trucks, with most models in production during the golden era of classic vehicles in 1960. We will also discuss where you can find the best classic trucks and other considerations to keep in mind.

Some of these classic trucks can be a bit pricey, but they're worth it if you want a quality truck that will last for years. They are different from modern trucks because they are not as fuel efficient and don't have all the safety features that modern vehicles have.

The Ford Baja Bronco is one of the best classic trucks. It is a four-wheel drive sporty truck built in the 1970s. This Bronco was created to tackle challenging terrain and has been proven an excellent off-road vehicle.

The Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser is one of the best and most famous classic trucks. The FJ40 is a 4x4 pickup truck that has been used for military, construction, and off-road use. It was produced from 1960-1984.

This model year was part of the second generation of C10 Cheyenne trucks with some impressive features. The truck had multiple engine designs, a 3-speed automatic transmission, and an advanced fuel system.

It is one of the best and most unique classic trucks ever because it has some really cool features, like the rear-facing seats, which are not found on other trucks. It was a revolutionary design in its day, with an innovative front end and rear end. 041b061a72


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