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Whether you're trying to capture the crack of a bat hitting a homer or the fast-paced swoosh of skis hitting the slopes, you'll want a camera that can record every moment. Though your smartphone is great in a pinch, a dedicated video camera can take your sports videos to the next level. You'll want to make sure your camera has high frame rate options to capture the action smoothly or add slow-motion flourishes. In-body image stabilization (IBIS) can also be a big help if you're shooting handheld and want to minimize camera shake. Watch out for cameras with heavy rolling shutter distortion, which can be distracting if you find yourself panning the camera a lot. Of course, all of that is moot if the camera's autofocus can't even keep up with your subjects. Thankfully, mirrorless cameras have gotten more and more video-capable, so you're sure to find something that fits your needs and budget.

CRACK Panasonic Motion Dv 5.3 Le


That said, its AF system isn't as reliable, and it has fewer frame rate options than the Fujifilm, although you still get a high-speed recording mode in 1080p for slow-motion shots. Overall, it's a very solid camera for the price, and it's an especially good option if you need something lightweight and portable. It's also weather-sealed and feels pretty sturdy, meaning it can put up with fairly heavy use in trickier weather conditions.

If you can live without IBIS, you can save some money with a mid-range option like the Nikon Z 50. It's an excellent camera for its price, with a well-built, weather-sealed body that feels great in the hand. Its APS-C sensor can produce high-quality videos and performs fairly well, even in trickier lighting. You also get a solid amount of frame rate options, including 4k up to 30 fps (with a very slight crop) and 1080p up to 120 fps for slow-motion shots.

You get up to 60 fps in 4k, and there's a dedicated slow-motion mode in 1080p for super slow-motion shots. On top of that, it has no recording time limit and solid battery life. Because it's a small-sensor camera, you won't get amazing video quality compared to higher-end options mentioned above. But if the thought of an all-in-one camera and gimbal combo sounds appealing, this is one of the best cameras for sports you can get.

All electrolytic capacitors are "aged" during manufacturing by applying the rated voltage at high temperature for a sufficient time to repair all cracks and weaknesses that may have occurred during production. However, a particular problem with non-solid aluminum models may occur after storage or unpowered periods. Chemical processes (corrosion) can weaken the oxide layer, which may lead to a higher leakage current. Most modern electrolytic systems are chemically inert and do not exhibit corrosion problems, even after storage times of two years or longer. Non-solid electrolytic capacitors using organic solvents like GBL as electrolyte do not have problems with high leakage current after prolonged storage.[73] They can be stored for up to 10 years without problems[61]

When it comes to recording sports, 60fps better captures the motion and makes everything appear more fluid. 30fps is perfectly acceptable (it is what you see when you watch live sporting broadcasts on TV) but 60 fps also has the advantage of allowing you to produce slicker slow-motion effects in post-processing.

Our MotionViewer acts as a traditional motion detector by alerting you and our monitoring center of an intruder. However, the MotionViewer also helps to minimize false alarms by capturing still images or a quick video of the movement that triggered the detector.

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