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To understand Transformers fiction, it is important to understand that it exists to sell toys. Hasbro and TakaraTomy are toy companies, and they are primarily interested in continuing to sell toys to children and adults. The cartoons, comic books, etc., mostly exist to make this happen. To be sure, they normally make a profit in their own right, but this is regarded as mere gravy.

The "to sell toys" effect often distorts the fiction in interesting ways. Primarily, since you can't (usually) sell someone the same toy twice,[1] Hasbro and Takara constantly introduce new toys, and often require the creators of the fiction to introduce the new characters into ongoing storylines. Older characters (whose toys are no longer being sold) are shoved aside to make room.

Another effect of "to sell toys" is when the toys have gimmicks which must be explained in the fiction. Sometimes (Mini-Cons) this is relatively easy, while other times it requires a lot of imagination on the part of the writers (the in-comic explanations for the Headmasters and Targetmasters are kinda wonky).

Hasbro makes a lot of toys at once, and they generally want all of them to appear in their fiction. This can force writers to bring in vast numbers of characters all at once, sometimes with awkward results. Examples include:

On the opposite side of things, Hasbro doesn't want to pay to depict characters that aren't selling toys. This can force a story, particularly an animated cartoon, to have a smaller cast than it otherwise might.

Sometimes the requirement to feature new toys can be so strong that continuity takes a major backseat and stories are produced that feature combinations of characters that make the story very difficult to slot into the main continuity. The Marvel UK comic was especially prone to this as it could not always foresee where, when and how characters would be introduced:

There's rarely a compelling reason for a Transformer to get a brand-new body in fiction; it's simply to promote a new toy. It has become a default way to keep a popular character on shelves, rather than having to kill them off and introduce a new character to keep moving toys. Sometimes fiction writers are able to work these alterations in elegantly... sometimes not.

Occasionally the Transformers fiction released in a particular country features characters whose toys were not released in that country. The Marvel UK comic featured two variations of this phenomenon:

Writer Simon Furman has since stated that when writing the stories he was generally unaware of which toys were unavailable in the UK: "We largely took our cue from what characters were being introduced into the US storyline. If there was a release schedule for the toys in the UK, we rarely saw it... But in the case of Swoop and the Predacons, I don't think I was consciously aware (at the time) that we were dealing with toys not generally available in the UK. They were just extant characters, and therefore fair game." [6]

Both Dreamwave and IDW comics, the two recent holders of the license to publish Transformers comic books, sometimes produce comics using whichever toy line is current (e.g., Dreamwave's Armada comic or IDW's 2007 movie tie-ins), and sometimes publish comics using whatever characters they please (e.g., The War Within and Escalation). The characters in their "discretionary" comics are often not currently available in toy form (Hardhead, a character appearing in numerous stories from IDW's G1 continuity during their early years, only had another toy on shelves at around 2009, a good twenty-two years since his last toy), sometimes are drawn with bodies that have never been toys (most of the War Within characters), and sometimes are toys that were never available outside of specific countries (Lio Convoy in IDW's Beast Wars).

Chris Ryall, IDW Editor-in-Chief and writer of the miniseries adapting the 2007 movie to comics, had stated on IDW's forums that Hasbro does not dictate what comics IDW must make ("Nope, no dictates at all from Hasbro. We put the plan together, send to them for approval.").[7] By the time of All Hail Megatron, however, the Universe line came out and Hasbro asked IDW to start using some of those designs.[8] Though this practice did not influence the subsequent ongoing series, it did raise its head again in 2013, as Hasbro and IDW began working together to create new toys based on character designs from the comics, to promote upcoming toys with New Bodies and to include the Dark Cybertron event (including various preludes) with the toys.

In more recent times (mostly in the case of the live-action film series), Hasbro has used a combination of minor redecos, retools and sculpts based on the same basic designs to create new toys, instead of giving recurring characters a major design overhaul for the next installment. The fiction then rarely, if ever, acknowledges any of those minor design changes. According to screenwriter Roberto Orci, some people at Hasbro even argued against changing the designs of some returning characters in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, so that parents would not have to buy the same toy twice for their children just because of a minor change or modification to the characters' designs.[9] (Hasbro still released new, or modified, toys of those characters, prompting completists to buy them as well, and the film gave some of the characters slight tweaks in their alternate modes, based on changes in the real-life vehicle designs, which the toys had to incorporate.)

Even characters with new or expensive toys can get the axe early on if the plot calls for it... or when poor timing caused by unplanned executive decisions resulted in bad coordination between in-fiction developments and toy release schedules.

Have you had old toys in the family for years but the kids or grandkids no longer use them? We make selling old toys easier than ever. Any brand, any condition. Send your old vintage toys in along with some other vintage items for for a nice payout.

Best sellers include mobiles and their accessories, e.g. silicone cases, tempered glass screen protectors, in-car iPhone holders, etc. The most popular brand is the iPhone and, as a result, accessories for iPhones are popular, too.

Webretailer has published interesting insights that help sellers discover which items are selling the most on eBay across key product-focused categories to chart overall sales trends. The data comes from the eBay data analytics tool ShelfTrend.

The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box has already sold out at many McDonald's locations across the country, meaning that the only way for collectors to get their hands on the toys is through the secondary market.

Anyone with children knows that toys are a must-have item. It is easy to get a piece of this lucrative market by selling the newest and most unique toys. Sales of toys online topped 90.7 billion in 2019. These are some of the details to keep in mind if you are interested in starting an online store selling toys. These steps will lay a sound foundation for your newest web-based venture. Are you intrigued by starting a full-time business? Maybe you are toying around the idea of kicking off a side hustle? Either way, toys are a profitable internet niche that is gaining momentum.

Your first-hand experience selling toys creates strategies for making a good profit and maximizing those gains. Bulk buying will lower prices and eliminate issues with product shortages. The research will pay off when finding a great toy wholesaler with whom you can build a long-term mutual collaboration with. The goal of a great supplier is to specialize in unique and valuable toy products that will wow the masses.

If you want your product pages to stand out, use vibrant images. Incorporate high-definition, so that both parents and children alike can admire your beautiful toys. Also, be sure to capture some close-ups of any smaller parts your toy may contain. Next follow up with pictures of the toys from various angles, as well as shots of the individual parts. Consider doing what the pros do by inviting lots of color into your store to make money online. 041b061a72


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